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Michael Costanza: I went from the low 500's to a 750 with his help! My quant score remained stagnant around 35 until I found his site. The way he explains his approach to solving problems cleared everything up for me. It taught me how to think like a GMAT test maker. My quant score ended up at 49. I found his free videos so helpful that I went ahead and purchased a course. I recommend that anyone who is serious about GMAT quant help purchase his course. It was invaluable to me. If I did it sooner I would not have had to study for as long as I did. This guy is my top choice out there. There is no one better.

Chika O.: Thank you so much for extending my subscription and for creating an amazing quant platform! I scored 720 (Q49, V40) on my first attempt. Your platform gave me the extra nudge I needed to move from Q46 (practice test best before using your platform) to Q49. I will definitely be writing a review on GMATClub because it is a pity I found out about your platform late in my 8month study (yes 8months of studying and not studying for periods in between).

S. Qamar: With the help of gmatquantum I was able to improve my quant score to Q47. I worked with two of the major gmat companies but gmatquantum is by far the best quant program out there. I would highly recommend it! The videos are gold and Darbal's approach is practical and effective. I ended up with a 690 (Q47,V39) and there is no way I could have achieved that without Darbal's help. From seasonsed engineers to those not so comfortable with math- Darbal's approach and knowledge is helpful to both!

Florence Frech: I strongly recommend GMAT Quantum for anyone wanting to increase their score substantially in the Math section of the GMAT. Dabral is an amazing tutor and his program is designed to tackle problems quickly and accurately. After studying with Dabral and his online program, my GMAT score increased 90 points!! Just great, definitely recommend it!

Korawat Tanwisuth: I like this course not only because it offers great explanations and straight forward solutions, but also because Dabral is such a caring instructor. He scheduled a call with me and helped me plan out my prep, the act that you will not encounter with any test prep companies/ tutors. I had taken other reputable Quant prep courses and found that they teached basic concepts while giving unnecessarily hard tests. With Gmat Quantum, there is no need to worry that the questions will not reflect the actual questions on the exam. The language, the concept tested, or even the screen you look at will be so familiar to you that Quant felt like a cake walk during the actual test. I took the exam yesterday and scored Q50. I have no doubt that anyone who use this course will benefit from it. If I had found this sooner, I might have scored Q51. Don't waste your time with other big name companies!! Ok now you may still doubt why this course sounds so great. I will tell you about the downside as well. The only downside is that Dabral offers explanations to thousands of questions. It can be overwhelming to someone new. Still, he broke down everything into sub-topics and categorizes them into nice manageable chunks. With other tests prep companies, you probably have to dig through/ categorize questions in the tests yourself. I took another GMAT attempt today and got Q51, 720 total score. I ran out of time in Verbal so I had to guess on some questions and got only V 35. Your methodical approach to Quant questions has helped me a lot. I just want to thank you again.

Liam: Thanks so much for letting me onto your course. I'm grateful to you for your awesome videos and notes. I took my GMAT last Thursday and wanted to let you know the results... I ended up with a 730 (Q47, V45), 5 points higher than my previous GMAT quant score! All the best from Seoul.

Dayo Ajayi: I started my GMAT prep with the Manhattan GMAT online course, and realized after a few practice tests, that my quant score was stuck around the low to mid 30s. That was when I went to GMAT Club forums and discovered Dabral's GMAT Quantum. I considered other courses/programs (Veritas, Magoosh, EmpowerGMAT), but I chose GMAT Quantum over the other courses because Dabral's solutions are straight to the point, and he solves (and explains!) most questions from the Official Guide (OG) and GMAC Question Pack within the two minute benchmark. As I worked my way through the OG, I would go to GMAT Quantum to see how Dabral solved the problems, including the ones that I got correct. I liked his approach, and decided to sign up for the course. What I like most about the course is that the solutions are crisp, and examples are based on official GMAC material, leaving out all the fluff. The course outline is straightforward and comprehensive. Having gone through all the course videos, I can say that GMAT Quantum covers any tricks or traps that one would encounter on the test. As I progressed in my prep, I found myself asking, "What would Dabral do?", and getting into that mindset helped me recognize and overcome the traps that I struggled with at the beginning. As I mentioned earlier, I didn't discover GMAT Quantum until close to my exam date, yet I was able to raise my score from low-mid 30's to 42 on the actual GMAT in about one month. I'm now going through the rest of the course that I didn't cover in my first attempt, and I feel good about reaching my target Quant score of 49 on my retake. GMAT Quantum prepares you for the Quant section of the GMAT in a way that no other vendor does - the examples and course materials are based entirely on official GMAC material. The course offers a streamlined and comprehensive curriculum that covers all the traps/tricks of the GMAT, and being a smaller vendor, the author (Dabral) is very responsive to any questions you may have. If you have any reservations about signing up, just check out any of the HUNDREDS of OG solutions provided for free. The course gives a solid foundation that is unparalleled.

Shashank D.: Dabral in my opinion has cracked the nut for GMAT quant and helped me score a Q47 from Q43 in lesss than 2 months. Here are few points on the basis of which his course differs from that of the masses : 1) The entire focus is on official problems and the priority is to acquaint you with the traps the GMAT will set in its questions for your to fall in. All those unecessary problems that waste your time are not included in his course. 2)No short cut approach to any problem, he focuses on building your foundation. Now this is a very valuable stuff for those who lack a foundational understanding of the subject and also useful for the ones who want to master the speed. After giving you the traditional approach to solve a problem, he tells you how to think more fluidly in analyzing the problem before solving (which in a way is a shortcut, but more based on fundamentals). 3)He is quick in responding to your querries and is always willing to make necessary changes in his video solutions if you do not understand something. This shows one of the rare quality to find in a tecaher who is always in a mode to learn even from his students. This is the singlemost thing that is enough for you to convince yourself that you are in right hands. Overall a brilliant investment. Highly recommended. Thanks Dabral.

Tarak Datta: In my first mock I scored 41 in quant, I knew I needed help. I wanted a course that teaches me the basics as well as the thought process needed to solve difficult and complicated math problems. I spoke to Petter H Allen in GmatClub ( who scored 770) he told me about GmatQuantum , he told me that he immensely benefited from the course. He asked me to go through the free OG explanation and see if I understood the material. When I did, I knew GmatQuantum is exactly what I needed. Dabral’s explanation takes you through the thought process required to solve a GMAT math problem and that too under 2 mins. My preparation is going on for almost a year now, mainly due to work pressure I can only put 1hour of study every day. I have bought the course for the 3rd time now, well, that says how much I love the course. If you want a Q 48-Q 51 score in GMAT and your skills are same as mine, you will require someone to help you. GmatQuantum is the right way to go. The last mock I gave I scored Q-49.

Parmjit Singh: After going through the detailed video explanations and discussions regarding numerous approaches to solve quant problem, I can confidently say if your goal is to master GMAT quant then no look further than Dabral. His techniques are flawless and help to promptly filter out distractions test makers introduce to confuse the candidates. I have seen a lot of GMAT material but nothing comes close to these 10 min video tutorials and 3 min GMAT question explanations. Once you start following his explanations on the fundamentals, there is rarely a chance you will go wrong on any question. In addition, the conversational tone of videos immensely helps to engrain the key points in memory. And if you re-visit these videos enough number of times, you start seeing the quant problem in exactly the way you should. And that’s when you start noticing the improvement in score. I also recommend his one-on-one sessions if you want clarity on certain concepts or approaches. Two thumbs up for this excellent material and I wish Dabral many more successes in future."

Parthibban Raja: GmatQuantum has became me the go to resource for me to prepare for the quant. I started preparing the foundations using MGMAT course and what I felt lacking was the application part of the whole problems. The other prep programs provides the foundation of the course but the application portion of the whole process was lacking. I soon realized that the application to the problem is the most important piece to solve the GMAT puzzle. The way Dabral explains the problems has helped me tremendously to model the process to solve Problems in GMAT. Explaining by theory how to solve the problem is one thing and practically performing it on screen is completely a different thing. And I exactly needed that. Someone practically performing the solution of the problem, not in a robotic way but using the same approach how GMAT test takes would approach a problem. I liked the way Dabral approaches the problem. It's like you are performing the problem in the first attempt and not by using templates that typical GMAT video websites use to combine together and show you something. The resources are broken down based on the GMAT materials for instance you could pick a specific area and work out problems related to that area. As an example I was pretty week in Inequalities. Using gmatquantum I can focus on the inequalities problem in the concept area, prep database, question pack database and exam pack database. How neat is that. The focus is on the GMAC released problems and one should spend most of his or her time on the actual GMAT problem rather than some made up difficult problems. If you are looking to improve your GMAT score or get a good quant score the very first time - gmatquantum and Dabral are the go to resources. There is no other place where all explanations are available for GMAC released question. Not just the availability of explanations but the quality and consistency is just amazing. Thank you Dabral for creating such a high quality resource."

Mike Kim: I have been using Dabral’s website for my GMAT preparation and I believe it is a must have for anyone wanting to score very high on the Quant Section of the test. Dabral provides an extremely valuable resource of explaining how to approach questions with REAL GMAT problems, and there really isn't any other sources out there that provide them in such an elegant and simple way that GMAT Quantum does. It is a must to understand real GMAT problems in order to see all the nuances and devilish tricks the GMAT can throw at you. Going through his video explanations of questions allowed me to recognize and understand these patterns, and pattern recognition is key on doing well on this test. I have used all the other third-party test prep resources such as Manhattan GMAT, Princeton Review, Powerscore, etc… GMAT Quantum by far was the most useful tool out of all of them, and I saw the most improvement using Dabral’s video explanations. I highly recommend Dabral and GMAT Quantum.

Anurag Pandey: As an educator myself, I find Dabral’s teaching method extremely helpful. Originally, I was struggling on solving difficult problems and conceptually understanding what is being tested. Dabral’s course helped me build confidence as I watched him break down the problem to its core. I would highly recommend students to sign up for his course as he is an amazing teacher who prepares you to approach problems with different strategies. The course also contains all the official questions that the GMAC has produced along with Dabral’s breakdown of each problem. My confidence in the Quant section has increased tremendously by watching Dabral breakdown the questions and then trying them again on my own. When I first tried to increase my score it was impossible because I kept getting the harder problems wrong and had weak foundations skills. Dabral's course breaks down the quant portion of the GMAT into the right sub sections and helps you build foundations skills. In addition, reaching out to Dabra is extremely easy as he responds to emails instantly. Not only does he answer your question but is willing to help you in any other way possible. Although it might seem that this course is simply video based, you can always reach out to Dabral for help and get instant feedback. Again, if you are serious about getting a Q50 or Q51, I highly recommend taking this course!

Krish: A simple thanks is not suffice to convey for his exceptional foundations and teachings delivered by his online course. In my initial attempt I scored 33 in Quant, however, I am very desperate and hunger to be in 99%. Realizing that my foundation is very weak and interpretation skills were not that strong, I build my skill set using Dabral's teachings. In an rigorous 10 week study, I somehow managed to score 46 in real gmat exam. I give complete credit to Dabral as I wouldn't be able to score 46 without his online course. Tip: Those who are simply wasting their time in using different resources for quant questions, Just stop buying the books and don't waste your time in doing the problems from other sources. Just follow what Dabral's advice you i.e., official gmat resources. Trust me I have bought many books that whatever you see 5 star reviews in, but nonetheless official gmat sources are the only one that you can completely rely on...!!

Ray B: I just finished my GMAT and scored a 690. Although this was lower than my goal, I signed up to the GMATQuantum course 4 weeks ago for a 3 months but after only 4 weeks I felt my quant was sufficient and so I registered to take the test 8 weeks ahead of schedule solely based on my comfort with the quant portion of the test (I'm a native English speaker so verbal was not hard for me). The single biggest advantage going through this course is the access to the video solutions for almost every official GMAT question that has been released. Without a doubt, studying through official materials is the most effective strategy to succeeding on the GMAT and this course helps you do exactly that. For visual learners, it is much easier to see explanations step by step in video than simply read an algebraic answer. Instead of relying on the often convoluted OG solutions or random blog opinions, you get a 2 minute solution so you get it and can move on to the next question. A lot of other prep companies offer comprehensive solutions but no one focuses on exclusive GMAT style questions the way Dabral does. It's amazing when you're nervous on test day and you look at the quant questions on the actual exam and it looks exactly like what you've already studied. Although I didn't break into my ideal score bracket, time was more important to me and the 690 is good enough for the schools I'm applying to. Good luck!

Josh: Gmatquantum is the best solution out there to tackle the gmat quant section, hands down. Dabral is an amazing teacher and presents things in a simple manner that will actually teach you what you need to know for the GMAT. After going through the books from a big test prep company and taking a practice test, my quant score was 40. I went through the full gmatquantum course along with all the recommended OG problems (and Dabral's amazing videos solutions) and ended up with a 740 on the real test (Q47/V45). I couldn't have done it without Dabral and Gmatquantum and would high recommend the course for anyone looking to boost his/her quant score.

Jacob Ford: My story is very similar to those of some of the other posters. My quantitative score was abysmal, somewhere in the low to mid 30s. I took several of the more popular courses and after many months of studying, I raised my score to the high 30s, but hit a plateau that I could not move past. If I hadn't found GMAT Quantum, that's probably where I would have stayed. Because Dabral does not spend his time creating his own imitation questions, his explanations are literally better than the OG Guide's. One thing I've learned from studying languages (and working out) is that finding a basic technique and following it day in and day out is much more effective than fancy methods "guaranteed" to improve your proficiency. For language this means, instead of some "incredible new learning algorithm", the best way to learn is simply to copy down the vocabulary and grammar over and over again until you remember it and speak the language. For the GMAT, keeping it simple translates into completing as many REAL Official Guide problems as possible, reviewing EVERY problem, whether you got it right or wrong, and making sure you understand the concepts being tested (obviously spending more time on the ones you got wrong and the most time on the ones you don't understand why you got wrong). There simply is no better resource for keeping it simple in your GMAT studies than the explanations for real questions Dabral posts on GMAT Quantum. When the OG Guide's explanation is best, Dabral's will be similar, but more to the point and often more detailed. When the OG Guide has a convoluted or confusing explanation, you can count on Dabral to find the most efficient method to solve the problem in question. When there are two or even three "best" ways to solve a problem, Dabral will explain them all to you and encourage you to pick the one that works best for you. I would also suggest using the GMAT Quantum course. Keep a list of the problem types you most often get wrong and then find that section within the GMAT Quantum course. Dabral will teach you all the fundamentals you need and there will be a convenient list of the same question types you're struggling with in that section. I've tried all the other most popular courses and never found a more efficient method for targeting my weaknesses. Lastly, I would suggest Dabral's tutoring as well if you're really struggling as I was. Dabral will recognize concepts you're not understanding and force you to move past that uncomfortable phase where you don't learn anything because your weakness seems too daunting. (He does this by using his preternatural knowledge of all questions that test the concept you're struggling with and allowing you to keep trying question types that target your weakness until you fail enough times to understand what you're getting wrong and move past it. For me, it was often something Dabral said in a tutoring session that finally made me realize what misunderstanding or lack of understanding was causing my weakness.) Using these methods, I managed to raise my quant. score to a respectable 49 and scored a 760 on the GMAT. I would have been lucky to break the 40s in quant. and the 700s in total score without Dabral and GMAT Quantum!

Ray Bawania: The video solutions for all the OG are great! My approach is to do the problem on my own but if I get it incorrect I check the OG solutions, then yours. Your solutions are always more intuitive. Thanks.

Umar: GMAT Quantum is a comprehensive course that provides you the underlying concept of every Quant topic. Dabral is an excellent mathematician & a humble human being. His videos explanations covers minute details, effective & time-efficient approaches. Moreover, his response time to questions is excellent. I went through his course for around 6-7 weeks and scored 45.There is yet some room for improvement and I will be returning back to GMAT Quantum and Dabral for further guidance & preparation.You won't find a better & concise course or Quant book than GMAT Quantum.Highly recommended! Thanks again Dabral, truly appreciate your help.

Shuaul: I have been researching gmat for quite a while, and can can offer an informed opinion. This is a great course! Brings the concepts to life, and far more engaging than just reading the Manhattan guides. I used the public content for a month and found it quite useful. Subsequently, I signed up for the full course, and have no regrets whatsoever. Incredible value for the money! My advise would be to use the Manhattan Navigator (previously called OG Archer) in conjunction with this course and you will be set! Splendid work Dabral!

Dan: Quantum GMAT is amazing! I was so glad to find a course that didn't just teach simple tricks to answer certain kinds of questions, but to find a course that actually taught the math principles essential to do well. These principles are explained in the most basic and easy to understand way possible. I signed up for the course after I bombed the GMAT the first time. I spent two months studying hard and I retook the test and scored a Q48! I wasn't surprised at all, as when I took the test I knew that I had the knowledge of how to tackle virtually every kind of GMAT Quantitative question. It's still a hard test, but with the quantum GMAT material in my head, I was confident throughout the entire test. One piece of advice I would give to a new student is to focus on the algebra section the most. As I took the test, I felt it was heavily weighted towards algebra. Dabral is great, he responded quickly to every question I had. Thanks Dabral.

Mark G.: I used several different prep courses and books to prepare for the GMAT. One shockingly consistent flaw in these courses and books is a failure to explain the most efficient approach to a problem clearly and directly. This is really critical on the GMAT because time is such an important resource--shaving 10 seconds off your average response time can result in a major differences in the total score, especially on the quant section. The answer explanations in the official books are a mess and ditto with the unofficial major prep company books, which compound the problem by using non-official questions that are often flawed themselves. Dabral is the rare combination of a strong mathematician and a talented teacher. His explanations are very clear and he shows you the BEST way to get the right answer, not just the right answer and one possible way of getting there. When there are multiple equally efficient options, he explains those options in detail as well. Additionally, I found a lot of value in watching his videos on key GMAT concepts such as probability and prime factorization. After taking Dabral's GMAT Quantum course I was able to attain a score of 730 (Q47 V44) and earned admission to my top choice school, Kellogg.

Quang: After completing your course I got 50 in quant. The biggest difference was the first test I felt like the last questions were hard and I barely finished in time. The second time around, I thought the ending series of questions were too easy and I finished with 20 minutes to spare.Your course helped me be a lot more confident in my answers so I didn't feel like I needed to double check. I understood how what the traps were and for DS, I was able to breeze rough them. I wanted to save energy for verbal and having an unstressful math section was helpful. Your shortcuts helped me do the problems faster and your site helped me target the few question types I was weakest on. The biggest difference was the first test I felt like the last questions were hard and I barely finished in time. The second time around, I thought the ending series of questions were too easy and I finished with 20 minutes to spare. So you know, I got into Columbia and will be graduating in 2015. Thanks for all the help!!

Cole R.: I just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating I struggled tremendously with the quant portion of the gmat and scored a 32 on my first attempt but after completing your program I increased my score to a 44! Your videos gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to reach this score and because of this I am now a much stronger candidate for the business schools I am hoping to attend. Your dedication to teaching has helped create an opportunity that would not have existed otherwise and I cannot thank you enough for helping me achieve my goals!

Silvia Malnati: I have studied philosophy at university and never really learned maths in my entire life. When I started preparing for the Gmat, I at first took many one-to-one lessons with a French private teacher fund on the web plus a collective course organized by EAS school in Milan. Both these experiences were a complete failure: in fact, I spent a huge amount of money and I didn’t improve almost at all in the quant. At this point I started to feel desperate, confused and really hopeless, as if this exam was an impossible task for me to accomplish. Then I had the great chance to find Dabral’s web-site. I took his on-line course, and from the very beginning I strongly felt that learning how to handle succesfully the Gmat quant section WAS POSSIBLE! Dabral has really been able to spot the patterns and the constants that underlie the apparent diversity and multeplicity of Gmat. Through his calm and reassuring voice and his unique ability to explain concepts both in an easy way and in great detail, Dabral gently ‘takes the student’s hand’ and guides him or her nicely through the most difficult Gmat problems. Besides the course I also took some one-to-one lessons with Dabral to improve further my maths skills, and these lessons have been invaluable for me: when Dabral teaches, he not only conveys the concepts, but also comunicates the student that beneficial sense of self-confidence that is crucial during the difficult stages of the Gmat preparation. In conclusion, I can really say that the credit for my success in the Gmat quant section belongs entirely to Dabral’s teaching. I strongly recommend his course and private lessons to anybody that wants to succeed.

Derek H.: Dabral is incredible. His ability to quickly and efficiently craft and implement a successful prep strategy is extraordinary. I give him my highest recommendation and have referred others to him already. He is the secret weapon for your quant studies. The videos are possibly the best single resource available on the web, but 1 on 1 time with him on a focused track is exponentially more impactful. Reach out, put the time in with him and get the results you deserve. He's also very enjoyable to learn from and quite pleasant to work with, even while on opposite sides of the world.

Brian Kelly: I'm a firm believer in the power of best practices, and so, spent a considerable amount of time researching best practices before undertaking a GMAT study program. Well, first of all, I took a GMAT without any preparation (less becoming familiar with the CAT structure, PS vs. DS, etc), scoring 45V and 32Q. So, it was clear to me that my study plan should focus on Quant. I found that the most popular path among high scorers who do not buy thousand dollar courses (after all, the majority of improvements usually come from good old fashioned practice) is to buy the Manhattan GMAT prep books along with the Official Guide problems, go through them simultaneously, take a GMAT Prep or two along the way, and then take the test. I followed that path and took a GMAT Prep at the end, scoring 45V and 44Q. Improvement! But my goal was 750+ with a Q50, so there was more to be done. This is where GMAT Quantum came into the picture. I went back to some of the hardest OG math problems, and often struggled to understand the OG explanations. Googling for explanations brought me here. It is now clear to me that GMAT Quantum is, bar none, the best solution for improving Quant scores. It's better than MGMAT, GMAT Club, Veritas Prep, and all the rest. Dabral's videos (with very rare exceptions) offer concise, elegant, and effective strategies to solving even the hardest GMAT math questions. With Dabral's new recommended study plan, GMAT Quantum is also the only solution you need. I used his video explanations for a few weeks, improving my Q score consistently to 48, and am now pushing hard to hit 50. So far, it seems that this site offers good solutions for that as well (particularly the AMC question database). Last I checked, the price point was fair, and as long as it stays that way, I highly endorse this product. Thanks Dabral!

Sharon C.: I spent a lot of time studying solutions to problems on the official guide and books from test prep companies and was frustrated with the way they explained the concepts. I took an online live course with Veritas Prep and had private tutoring with both Veritas and Manhattan GMAT. The quality of the expensive products and services that test prep companies provide do not come close to the quality materials that Dabral provide for free. I found his website accidentally; I wish more people know about it. Dabral is an awesome teacher who really cares about his students and loves what he does. This is demonstrated through the fantastic resources he provides. After I watched a few of the free video solutions, I knew his classes and paid solutions would be great. I subscribed to the paid contents and never looked back. Dabral's instruction is very thorough. He breaks down each question, go through them step by step, and offers alternative ways of solving problems. He doesn't teach tricks. I also used his private tutoring, which is much more affordable than the one offered by test prep companies and is tailored to each individual's need. He never pressured me buy more sessions. I wish I hadn't waste my money on other tutoring services. I highly recommend his website to anyone taking the GMAT! Dabral is simply the best.

Muneeb Irfan: I believe that the best way to do well on the GMAT is to master the content. The GMAT Quantum videos helped me become comfortable with the content. Darbal's to-the-point teaching style made the content so much easier to understand . Tools and techniques for a particular topic are given in crisp detail, and you're then given a chance to test your grasp of the concept in the very next video. GMAT Quantum is dwarfs everybody else when it comes to Official GMAT problems. All retired Official problems are solved and as if Drabal is doing them right in front of you. GMAT Quantum offers great value for those who want to achieve a high score on the GMAT exam for a fraction of the price. I wish I had found this website before spending $1500 for a class with a major test prep company. Great product not only for advanced students but also for those beginning.Overall, this was probably the best money I could have spent on Test Prep. With GMAT Quantum, I can definitely say I’m getting more than I paid for! My Quant score went up from a dismal 11 to a modest 33 (solved about 20% of the Official Problems) and I am not done yet , I feel with these videos I can easily achieve a 10 - 12 point increase to give me a chance at my dream Business School.

Trey: I wish I had discovered Dabral's website before I took my first GMAT. Dabral is a fantastic teacher and helped me greatly with my testing strategy. The free resources are great, but you will not find a better Quant review than his GMAT course. The math review in the Official Guide over-complicates the concepts, and I wish I had not wasted my time with it. I also found other well known test prep resources to be inadequate. It just makes sense to use Dabral's method of teaching the official material from the test writers. I also used his private tutoring. The total cost of one-on-one help and classes from the big test prep companies is very expensive. Dabral is a much better value and you'll get help specifically tailored for you. In the end, I got in to the top-ranked program I was shooting for.

Jasdeep: The GMAT Quantum course that Dabral has made was exceptional for suiting my needs. Thanks to his course I was able to jump from a Q46 to a Q49 in two months time. Dabral is teaching style is extremely comprehensive and he is very proficient technically - one of the best GMAT mathematicians I have dealt with. I strongly recommend every GMAT Quant aspirant to take the full course and go through all the concept videos and problems. Dabral - thank you for creating this comprehensive course, truly one of the best prep materials for the quant section in the industry.

David M: Just a quick note to say thanks for posting your solutions (for free!) to the OG 13th edition questions. Seeing you work through the questions has been very helpful, especially for the questions which have poor/confusing 'official' answers in the OG!

James Davermann: Prior to the GMAT I had ZERO Quantitative background, and avoided math in college like the plague. Dabral's course took my Quant from a diagnostic of 17 all the way up to a 43 on exam day. A lifetime of math learned in just a few months. I also got into 2 out of 3 top 10 MBA programs to which I applied. At this point, I'm scheduling a re-take moreso for pride and to show a more balanced score during interviews-I'm confident I can reach 46/47 w/ these videos. If you're looking for a structured, strategic, step-by-step approach to the GMAT that covers every relevant topic in depth, then you won't find anything better than GMAT QUANTUM.

Vikas Malaiya: Dabral's Quantum GMAT covers broad concepts and dissects specific problems. Both are essential and synthesizing - if you follow the videos with your own pad and paper you will - no doubt - improve your score and be happy with your investment. Much appreciated and recommended.

Lauren: I just want to say thank you thank you THANK YOU for all of your help on my GMAT journey. A little about me: I started the GMAT process 2 years ago. After taking a course with Kaplan I scored a dismal 560, with a very low quant score. I felt completely defeated and abandoned my bschool aspirations for a year. After being referred to Dabral in 2012, I decided to recommit and begin to study again. The combination of GMAT Quantum online course and one-on-one tutoring from Dabral gave me the quantitative fundamentals and confidence to tackle the GMAT. I recently scored a 680 (45Q) on the GMAT and owe it all to working with Dabral.

Shirelle: I wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you for your course and the tutoring session. I took the GMAT this week and got a 670. Overall, I'm pleased with the score and will not re-take the test. I was hoping to hit 700, but in the end I am proud of my improvement. I went from a 590 to a 670 and I owe the improvement to you. My previous quant score was a 34- I got a 44 this time around! I'm sure with more time and practice, I would be able to break the 700 mark. Your teaching methodology and meticulous attention to detail helped me finally learn the foundations of math. While the study process wasn't fun, your course actually made it interesting and I felt a sense of satisfaction when I worked out the difficult problems quickly. Lastly, your course gave me much-needed confidence for the test day.I will definitely pass on your information to friends of mine. The Kaplan course I took 2 years ago and the Manhattan Books I bought were a waste of my resources. Thank you again!

Chalin': GMAT Quantum is an excellent resource for obtaining the necessary tools to tackle the quantitative section of the GMAT. Dabral's strategic approach and thorough videos are an excellent supplement to any study regimen - if not your primary material. Dabral masterfully covers all tested concepts in a logical manner. Although his site offers an abundance of free content to clarify your understanding of practice problems from external sources, I highly recommend investing in his affordable tutorial. Although his curriculum is video based, Debral adds the human component by working closely with each and every client. He discusses each client's strengths and weaknesses in order to create a personalized plan that will result in the highest score within the proposed timeline. Dabral's videos, mastery of all things quantitative and his personalized study-plan preparation improved my overall score by 150 points. In only two months I achieved my target score solidifying a competitive candidacy at a top 5 MBA program. Thank you again Dabral, I truly appreciate your help! I wish you continued success.

Reagan: 730 (Q50). I am finally done with GMAT! Thank you for your guidance over the last two weeks! Your videos really sharpened my skills! Also, thank you for the final email, which pointed out to me the relevant sections! I am glad I watched them diligently! The triangular inequality came out, compact inequalities came out. 2 questions free !! Many others that were covered in GMAT course! Thank you so much again, I am glad to have known you!

Julius: Today I finally reached my required GMAT Score to enter Business School and I used extensively your youtube videos! Thanks so much for these videos, they have helped me tremendously. Great effort and work.

Jacob: If your quant skills are catastrophic like mine there is really no better (or more cost effective) place you can go to improve than here. I would recommend Dabral's course to anyone taking the GMAT and Dabral's tutoring to anyone who is serious about improving his or her quant score as much as is realistically possible. I got a 560 on the first practice test I took which wasn't even an authentic test. With another prep program I managed to raise my score to a 680, again, on a non authentic test, but I hit a plateau and scored lower on the next non authentic test I took. Luckily, in desperation I stumbled onto a link to Dabral's free videos on GMATclub (I can't find the link but I remember reading good things about him on a thread there). Anyway, with Dabral's help, I managed to improve my fundamentals and solidify a 710 on the real test. Bare in mind that I neglected my quant skills and skipped out on every math class I ever took my entire life. I barely passed the last required class to achieve the basic math requirement for a B.A. When I watched the first GMATQuantum video, my highest quant score was a 36 on a fake practice test. I'm hoping to do better, but, as of now, I have a 43 on the real test. That wouldn't be possible without Dabral. For someone who was scoring as abysmally as me, that seemingly modest success is huge! I am now considering whether or not to attempt, using Dabral's website, to raise my quant score further so I can get into the 730+ overall range. I can remember when I would pray that I could ever even improve to a 700, so to be thinking of going for a 730 and to already have a 710 feels unreal!

Antonio K.: Where would I be without GMAT Quantum? I went from the low 600's to a 710 in a matter of months. My quant went from a 40 to a 48! If you are looking for gimmicks and short cuts, GMAT Quantum is not the place for you. GMAT Quantum curriculum focuses on building a strong quantitate foundation that relies on the foundational concepts that the GMAT loves to test (algebra, number theory, geometry, word problems, etc.). The curriculum is challenging and comprehensive, but will surely prepare you for the rigors of the GMAT. I give GMAT Quantum my highest reccomendation. Dabral is a not only a math genius, but also is an even better communicator/teacher of math. He breaks complex problems down into digestible, easy-to-follow pieces in order to facilitate student learning. If you are looking to take your quant score into the 48+ range and if you are willing to listen, learn, and work hard, Quantum GMAT and Dabral will help you reach your GMAT Goals! I am now so confident in my Math, I have decided to retake my GMAT because I feel that I can score a 50Q. I will keep you all posted on my progress. Best of luck with the GMAT!

Keith Richards: Thank you so very much for these videos! They are incredibly helpful to me - your explanations are clear and concise. Although many times I approach problems differently than you do (avoiding an algebraic approach when possible), seeing the way you tackle questions is really adding to my toolkit.

Abdul Rahman: The best Investment you guys would ever make in your life. Dabral is a legend. Learning GMAT or GRE from him is like learning Tennis from Federer or boxing from Ali.

Ivana Lisica: I just wanted to thank the Gmat Quantum for all the amazing work. This site is the most usful tool I ever came upon. The explanations are clear, precise and very helpful. And most of all, I am very greatful that all of the explanations can be viewed online for free. I think that is very noble from the owner from the site. Knowledge is for sharing. Thanks for all the lessons!

Christine Lam: Contacting Dabral for my GMAT preparation was the best thing I could do for myself. I only wish I had known about him from the start of my preparation. I would have saved a lot of money that I wasted on other books as well as on a class I could have done without. Dabral's instruction is very thorough, and unlike other teaching methods, he breaks down each question, so you know what the GMAT writers are looking for and the correct method of attacking the question. I think this is over half the battle. Looking at a question, being able to understand what to do to answer it without wasting time going down other long-winded paths makes such a huge difference, and consequently is a huge time saver. In addition, Dabral teaches concepts as opposed to tricks. This way, students are prepared to tackle any question, including ones that are disguised and a little trickier. Unlike other classes, Dabral doesn't use material outside of official GMAT material, which I now realize (after spending lots of $ on other books) is the only necessary source. This makes sense because your practice should closely replicate the actual exam. Dabral also helped me craft a study plan that fit within my time frame. He instructed me on which problems to tackle, when to take practice exams, etc. I saw improvement in my quant immediately after my first session with Dabral, and his solution videos are so thorough and easy to understand. My actual GMAT score was consistent with my GMAT Prep practice exams that I took when working with Dabral. I really cannot say enough about how helpful Dabral was. He has a great demeanor and shows true interest in each person's quest to do well on the GMAT. Do not waste time working with other people/classes for your quant score. Dabral is the best.

Meiko D.: I had a phenomenal experience learning the techniques necessary to conquer the GMAT with Dabral. Prior to working with him I had taken the GMAT once, did online instruction with, taken a full course from Veritas Prep, and of course my own self study and with all of that I still could not get past the 500 range on practice tests. His teaching style forced me to step outside my comfort zone and attack questions from a different perspective. Even though we worked online the teaching was very intimate and customized to my specific learning needs. I could tell he really took a vested interest in my success and would not let me give up (even though I tried). I can't say enough about how amazing he is but the proof is definitely in my 160 point score increase. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor who really knows the in and outs of the GMAT and can teach just as well!

Kate C.: I was referred to Dabral early on in my study process and I am so glad that I signed on with him before I got too deep into studying. Dabral not only patiently taught me the necessary math skills, but also helped me structure my studying process, which was critical to ensuring that I spent the appropriate amount of time on the proper concepts. Math is not my strength but instead of getting frustrated and overwhelmed, Dabral helped me break down all of the concepts and really understand how to solve the problems. My score went up 70 points from my diagnostic to my final score. I would highly recommend Dabral to anyone needing GMAT help!

Rehman R.: Dabral was extremely helpful in identifying all of my weaknesses in Quant. I had taken prep classes through Kaplan and Manhattan GMAT before and spent several hours preparing for the GMAT on my own time. My quant score was consistently in the 50th percentile so I decided to hire Dabral. He took the time to identify how I approached each type of problem and he corrected several silly mistakes that I was making. Furthermore, Dabral did a great job of providing me with enough practice homework in each of the sections in quant. I was able to practice the most commonly asked questions and focus my studies in my weakest areas. Dabral is very flexible with his schedule and accommodating of individual learning styles. After spending 5 sessions with Dabral, I raised my quant score to the 90th percentile.

Ted: I spent about four weeks of intensive study with Dabral following a disappointing first exam.  My preparation the first time around consisted of plowing through several "top scorer" study guides, which needless to say did not sufficiently prep me for a top score. Dabral's approach was a breath of fresh air from the techniques recommended by the big-name study guides.  Although I still selectively used "brute force" on one or two questions, Dabral illuminated general approaches to problems I previously did not see. Dabral is a *teacher*: we hit on a full range of topics from basic exponents manipulation to system of equations optimization to advanced number theory, completely revamping my quant skills. Although I felt a little slower and at first - now actually trying to solve problems instead of just plugging and chugging - my confidence levels increased rapidly with reps. Most importantly, Dabral helped me develop a more efficient testing strategy with less time-wasting, allowing me to capitalize on my strengths and improve my chances of a higher score. My overall score increased by 60 points to 740, putting me at the upper end of my targeted range. All told, I unequivocally recommend Dabral if you are serious about targeting a top tier score.  I am not someone who typically seeks out review courses or tutors, and had a fantastic experience and result.

Toks A.: Dabral, thanks so much for your help - your in-depth knowledge of the test questions and various time-saving techniques really made the difference in giving me the edge.  

Justin: The first time I took the GMAT, my quantitative score was in the 60th percentile.  I hit the books again and studied on my own for 2 more months.  I spent (or wasted) money on different publications to do everything I could to improve my score.  The second time I took the GMAT my score fell to the 59th percentile.  After studying with Dabral for 2 months I increased my quantitative score up to the 80th percentile and increased my overall score to a 700 (up from a 640). I am very lucky to have found the tutoring service that Dabral provides.  I was about ready to give up and just take my lower score.  Thankfully I didn't give up because I would not have received the positive responses from the schools I applied.


Matt: I found Dabral after realizing that my Manhattan GMAT course, Princeton Review Materials, Kaplan book, and individual studying had left me ridiculously unprepared. I considered myself a good test taker, was frustrated with my initial score, and didn't fully understand where I went wrong. Dabral worked with me to quickly identify the fundamental gaps in my knowledge, and he prepared an individual studying plan using his incredible database of GMAT questions and proprietary materials. I realized that you simply cannot get a top score without tackling the fundamental concepts and the shortcuts and "tricks" taught by the major test providers are worthless. Dabral is an outright amazing teacher who is going to take the test-prep world by storm when he publishes his book. I went from a 660 to a 750 in 6 weeks due to improvement only in my quantitative score from 35 (44th percentile) to 48 (86th percentile., and I owe about 99% of that improvement to Dabral. I would easily have paid twice as much for his tutoring, and I recommend him without hesitation to any and all types of MBA hopefuls.

Rebecca: Dabral helped me target my studying. His personalized tutoring program strengthened my particular weaknesses. He provided me with hundreds of problem sets, reflecting the test content, that gave me the practice I needed to be prepared for anything on the test. He helped me understand the material so that I could answer questions in whatever form they came on the test. More than teach me "tricks", he taught me how to recognize and solve all GMAT problems. He helped me clarify my goals, strategize with studying and cover all my bases. I couldn't have done it without him!

Roger H.: Since the Pearson Vue took over the test in 2006, the quantitative section has evolved considerably, so much so that the 10th and 11th Official Guide questions actually leave you quite unprepared for what actually happens on the GMAT. I took the test twice and scored 43 and 42 on the quant section, but most of the time I felt like I was guessing on the first 15 questions. With Dabral’s help over 2 months, I pushed my quant score up to 47. Dabral has spent hundreds of hours trying to comb through the entire universe of GMAT questions that have been asked in the past test administrations. Most of the questions, especially the ones related to data sufficiency, could be done if you had 10 minutes to spend. But you don’t on the actual exam, and you need to know the quick and more rigorous way to tackle them. The questions related to terminating decimals, remainder theorem, and inequalities are ones that aren’t normally asked in a normal algebra class, so it’s helpful to find someone like Dabral who’s figured out the most efficient way to solve them. He also gives you the problem presented in a different way to help reinforce the concept. Dabral knows the test is constantly changing so he actually regularly takes the GMAT exam to get a general sense of what kind of questions are being asked. Regardless of who you choose, make sure to find someone like Dabral who actually keeps up to date with the exam! Not every tutor is nearly as diligent as him in staying relevant.

Tina: I came to Dabral because I had tried everything else and knew that I would have to score above 700 to get into a top business school. Overall, Dabral really helped me understand the fundamentals of the quantitative section in a way that made sense. The fact that he provided a lot of examples similar to actual tests and taught me many short cuts and tricks was helpful. Also, he was able to help me identify my areas of weakness and improve upon them through constant practice. Most importantly, though, Dabral taught me how to think about the test in a way that I hadn't before. I really appreciate all of his help and still can't believe I was able to improve my score by 70 points! I have never scored above a 700 on any of my practice tests and this just goes to show just what I was capable of! Thanks so much Dabral!

Shachi: I tried major GMAT prep courses (Princeton Review and Veritas) before coming to Dabral. I wish I would have known about him earlier - I could have saved so much money and time! Dabral really helped me understand the basics of the quantitative section far better than any of the prep courses. The best thing about having Dabral as a tutor was that he identified my key areas of weakness and gave me extra examples and targeted practice sets so I could improve in those areas. He's also very patient and really cares about improving his student's scores. I highly recommend Dabral to anyone who wants to do well on the quant section - he really knows his stuff!. My quantitative score improved by 30 percentile. Thanks Dabral!

Kirsti L.: I sought out Dabral's help after undergoing an elite GMAT prep course, many hours of self-study, and instruction with another tutor. Dabral's style is highly customized: he pinpoints your weaknesses, provides additional examples for further comprehension during your session, and emails you real GMAT practice questions to enable mastery. Dabral helps to alleviate anxiety about the exam by exposing you to all types of GMAT questions - and stratgies for solving them. Additionally, Dabral is friendly, professional, and genuinely cares about your progress. I would highly recommend Dabral to individuals of all levels.

Melissa: I originally sought Dabral's help in order to strengthen some key areas for the quantitative section of the GMAT. Over several meetings, we honed in on my weaknesses; he developed targeted problem sets for me, taught me how to approach certain problems, highlighted typical traps, and prepped me for taking the GMAT in general. Through it all, Dabral was a patient and enthusiastic teacher. I strongly believe that without Dabral's help, I wouldn't have done as well on the GMAT. Because I am planning on applying to some of the top business schools, it was crucial that I score well on the test. With Dabral's help, I exceeded even my own expectations and was able to score a 770.

Keith S.: I am a very satisfied student of Dabral. His method of teaching emphasizes understanding the quantitative content in a way that allows you to adapt your knowledge to answer any question the GMAT throws at you. I first took the GMAT after attending a 10 week course from a national chain - and I was very unimpressed with my score. By listening to Dabral - and, per his instructions, practicing his method on my own I was able to grasp the fundamentals in a way that allowed me to add 80 points to my score - enough to gain admission to Wharton ! Thanks, Dabral- I wish I knew about you before I wasted my money with a big name GMAT prep course.

Steve: I recently hired Dabral to help me get up to speed on the quantitative section of the GMAT. I needed to hit the 90th percentile or higher on the quant section for the programs I was considering but only had about 8 weeks to study (plus maintain a 60 hour per week job). One particular subject in which I needed a lot of improvement was advanced algebra - an area in which Dabral was particularly strong. Also, it was outstanding that he had familiarity with every different type of question that one encounters on the GMAT. One thing I found especially helpful was the personalized question set he emailed me after each session which was based on my weaknesses and helped me get the most improvement in the least amount of time. The end result was a score of 760 and I have no qualms about recommending him unconditionally.

David: Before I started my prep work for the gmat, I considered prep courses such as the princeton review and kaplan. Their large class sizes and formulaic courses did not offer the individualized attention I needed. I wanted to understand the concepts before getting to the shortcuts and I realized that my focus areas would be different from others in the class. In our first few sessions, Dabral was able to help me identify subjects where I was weak. By identifying these weaknesses, we were able to structure a timeline to address these areas of concern. His patience and genuine interest in helping me understand the concepts to solve problems enabled me to improve my quantitative score. Within a matter of weeks I was able to increase my quantiative score by at least 24%. If you are looking to improve your math skills, I highly recommend Dabral as a math tutor.

Jim: Dabral was great to work with--flexible on scheduling, very knowledgeable, genuinely interested in helping me achieve my goals. I found the personal attention much more time and cost effective than a cookie-cutter class like Kaplan. I highly recommend Dabral if you're looking to take your math scores to the next level.

Jason: Dabral is an excellent GMAT instructor and I would recommend him to people of all ability levels looking to score high on the quantitative section. He is able to simplify the most challenging subjects to their core components and provide effective strategies for attacking the most difficult problems. Prior to working with Dabral, I was able to solve most of the more difficult questions in about four minutes, but after a few sessions with Dabral, I developed different strategies for certain problems and was able to solve those same difficult problems in half the time. Dabral's strategies allowed me to save valuable minutes on the actual exam. Just to be clear, Dabral does not teach tricks or short cuts that are found in most GMAT preparation books, rather he forces his students to view the problems from a different perspective. He has a lot of actual experience with the GMAT test and is up to date on all the topics being tested today. Aside from being highly knowledgeable in math, Dabral is also a very kind and friendly person.

Annie H.: Math has always been my weakest subject, and Dabral really helped me build a strong foundation for my quantitative skills. He's well prepared for every meeting, knowledgeable in all topic areas, and very patient. I couldn't have gotten my ideal GMAT score without his help.

Anna L.: Initially, the GMAT was an extremely frustrating and difficult undertaking for me because I did not fully understand my strengths and weaknesses. I took courses with Princeton Review, evaluated multiple private tutors, and even tried to tackle the test on my own. All of these methods proved ineffective because I could not achieve a score higher than 600. Dabral offered me much more than a review of basic quantitative skills. He systematically identified and targeted my weaknesses and limitations. Based on a full understanding of my capabilities, he then developed a strategy to enable me to achieve 720 on the GMAT. Dabral was focused, organized, and adaptable to my learning style. His motivating and creative approach helped build the confidence and efficiency that I needed when I took the actual exam.